DeMolay Corner

Peninsula DeMolay News

Last month we installed a new set of officers led by Cavan Shannon as Master Councilor, Andrew Aufdemberge as Senior Councilor and Daniel Bueno as Junior Councilor. We are quite pleased with the progress the guys have made this term. For the first time since Peninsula Chapter’s re-institution, all 20 officer positions will be filled with DeMolay from Peninsula Chapter. Even better, we initiated four new candidates at Grant Master’s Class on October 12th.

For November, our day of comfort project is collecting canned foods for First Harvest Food Bank. A barrel will be placed in Chantler Hall. We also worked along side Redwood City Rainbow Assembly in making lunches for the homeless. At the end of November, we will prepare for our annual NorCal convention in Sacramento, where we will make another push in the competition for Chapter of the Year.

We are especially thankful to the Brethren of Peninsula Lodge #168 for their ongoing support.