The Good Word

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Our brother—aye, he is our fiend: We do not hold the right to chide, To flout and damn, world without end, The foibles that the past should hide, Deep hidden in his heart of hearts, Or maybe shining forth alone Is the good trait. Our censure smarts And sears till it is overthrown— Speak the good word! Speak the good word–-the word that gives The newer impulse and the hope, A word that helps, and grows, and lives A light to them that blindly grope Through all the darkness of despair. They know their faults, and know them well! Of censuring they have their share— The kind words are the ones that tell: Speak the good word! A good word is a helping hand, A coin that’s minted of fine gold; To read the rote of faults we’ve banned May loose the eager climber’s hold. Our life is short; we cannot do All we would have it comprehend, But this much, truly, I and you May do each day for this our friend— Speak the good word! WILBER D....

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Masonry is Friendship—friendship, first, with the Great Companion, of whom our own hearts tell us, who is always nearer to us then we are to ourselves, and whose inspiration and help is the greatest fact of human experience. To be in harmony with His purposes, to be open to His suggestions, to be conscious of fellowship with Him—that is Masonry on its Godward side. Then, turning manward, friendship sums it all up. To be friends with all men, however they may differ from us in creed, colour, or condition; to fill every human relation with the spirit of friendship; is there anything more or better than this that the wisest and best of man can hope to do? Such is the spirit of Masonry; such is its ideal, and if to realize it all at once is denied us, surely it means much to see it, love it, and labour to make it come true. Nor is this Spirit of Friendship a mere sentiment held by a sympathetic, and therefore unstable, fraternity, which would dissolve the concrete features of humanity into a vague blur of misty emotion. No; it has its roots in a profound philosophy which sees that the universe is friendly, and that men must learn to be friends if they would live as befits the world in which they live, as well as their own origin and destiny. For, since God is the life of all that was, is and is to be; and since we are all born into the world by one high wisdom and one vast love, we are brothers to the last man of us, forever! For better, for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, and even after death us do part, all men are held together by ties of spiritual kindship, sons of one eternal Friend. Upon this fact human fraternity rests, and it is the basis of the plea of Masonry, not only for freedom, but for friendship among men. Joseph Fort...

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Get Away from the Crowd – Don’t Worry

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GET AWAY FROM THE CROWD Get away from the crowd for a while, and think. Stand on one side and let the world run by, while you get acquainted with yourself and see what kind of a fellow you are. Ask yourself hard questions about yourself. Ascertain, from original sources, if you are really the manner of man you say you are; and if you are always honest; if you always tell the square, perfect truth in business details; if your life is as good and upright at eleven o’clock at night as it is at noon; if you are as good a temperance man on a fishing excursion as you are on a Sunday-school picnic; if you are as good when you go to the city as you are at home; if, in short, you are really the sort of man your father hopes you are and your sweetheart believes you are. Get on intimate terms with yourself, my boy, and, believe me, every time you come out of one of those private interviews you will be stronger, better, purer man. ROBERT BURDETTE   DON’T WORRY Do not be troubled because you have not great virtues. God made a million spears of grass where He made one tree. The earth is fringed and carpeted not with forests but with grasses. Only have enough of little virtues and common fidelities and you need not mourn because you are neither a hero nor a saint. HENRY WARD...

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What Of Your Masonry?

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What of your Masonry? Is it put by, Doffed with your apron, forgotten, to lie Dormant and void, inefficient and vain, ‘Til in the lodge you resume it again? Listen, my brother, true Masonry dwells Out in the world, not in dungeons and cells; It feeds the hungry, defends the oppressed, Lifts those that languish, and soothes the distressed. Masonry’s place is in shop, street and store, Fully as much as behind the tiled door. ‘Tis not a thing to be hidden away, It should be worn, used and lived day by day. Worthy is study and labor to gain Ritual skill, and perfection attain, Yet this is only the means to an end, Useful alone for the aid it can lend. What of the lessons by Masonry taught? Have you their practical principles, caught? Live by them, grow by them, build by them, too. Let them your thought and your actions imbue. George H....

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Masonic charity is not limited to simple gifts and contributions of money or other tangible material of worldly goods, although these, when necessary, are right and proper, and are included within the term of charity….True charity extends to all the wants of the great brotherhood of man. Have the cold and pitiless storms of a selfish unfeeling world beat upon the heart, charity throws around it her broad mantle of brotherly love and affection, which warms and infuses into its whole being new life and animation, and as the genial showers and summer sun cause the face of nature to smile and look glad, so the drops of genial affection and the rays of brotherly love, beaming from its benign countenance of one whose heart is prompted by the honest impulses of genuine charity, cause the soul of the recipient thereof to overflow with gratitude and joy…The true Mason is continually seeking opportunities for the exercise of those virtues—the principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth—of Faith, Hope and Charity….He knows his duties, and knowing seeks to reduce them to practice; for with him Masonry is a living reality and not theory alone. It is the practice of those virtues that he delights for he has learned that in doing good there is much joy. Is a brother afflicted and distressed, his hand is ever ready to aid and assist him, and to relieve his wants and necessities. The blessed influences of brotherly love and charity—twin daughters of Heaven—prompt him to those noble deeds of benevolence which give joy and gladness to many a weary, sad and sorrowing heart.….This is the charity which envieth not another and which puffeth not itself, which is kind and forbearing, full of long-suffering, and goodness and truth. J. Q....

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The Voice of America

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I have taken the breed of all nations, Barred no religion or race; From the highest and lowest of stations They came—and I found them place. Powers invisible drew them, Freedom unborn was their quest, ‘Til my uttermost borderlands knew them— The least of the word and the best. They came with the wisdom of sages, The darkness, the stain and the dirt, They came with the glory of ages, And I took them—my hope and my hurt. I have gathered the breed of all nations, Drawn from each cast and each clan; Tried them and proved them and loved them And made them American. Made them a nation of Builders, Fearless and faithful and free, Entered them, passed them and raised them To the Master’s Sublime degree. Theirs is the task of restoring The Ancient and Honoured Guild— The work to the Speculative, The spirit to those who build. ‘Til none shall be less than a Master, And know but one Ruler above, Bound by the spirit of justice And the mortar of brotherly love. ‘Til the house shall belong to the Workman And the Craft come again to its own; And this is your task, oh my people! Through you will the Lost Word be known. Josephine B....

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A Day Of Thanksgiving

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We are travelling East, my Brother, Whenever, in gratefulness, We think of the things that every day brings Our lives and our homes to bless. We are finding the Path, my Brother, Though frugal may be our feast, If the good that we knew is the good that we do— Ah, then we are travelling East. We are learning the Work, my Brother Whenever, with kindly aim, We lighten the care and our plenty we share With the poor and the halt and lame. We are speaking the Word, my Brother, And finding our joys increased, When we can bring cheer to replace a child’s tear— Ah, then we are travelling East. We are bringing the Light, my Brother, Whenever we greet a friend, Whenever we lift a poor soul gone adrift, Or one in distress defend. We are marking the Way, my Brother When through us has sorrow ceased, When something we’ve said to a lone heart has sped— Ah, then we are traveling East. We are travelling East, my Brother, Whenever, in thankful mood, We pause for a day to thing and to pray, To set forth our gratitude. The Word, the Work, my Brother, Through ages have never ceased— With the Word that is true and the Word we can do, Ah, then we are travelling East. Wilbur D....

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The Road of Masonry

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Men build a road of Masonry Across the hills and dales, Unite the prairie and the sea, The mountains and the vales. They cross the chasm, bridge the stream, They point to where the turrets gleam, And many men for many a day Who seek the heights shall find the way. Men build a road of Masonry, But not for self they build: With footsteps of humanity The hears of men are thrilled. This music makes their labour sweet; The endless tramp of other feet, The thought that men shall travel thus An easer road because of us. We build the road of Masonry With other men in mind; We do not build for you and me, We build for all mankind. We build a road!—remember, men, Build not for Now, but build for Then, And other men who walk the way Shall find the road we built today. Who builds the road of Masonry, Though small or great his part, However hard the task may be, May toil with singing heart. For it is something, after all, When muscles tire and shadows fall, To know that other men shall bless The builder for his faithfulness. Douglas...

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The Constitution of the United States

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PREAMBLE We the People of the United States, in Oder to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessing of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. “The citizens of the United States of America have the right to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal policy worthy if imitation. All posses alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship. It is now no more that toleration is spoken of as if it were by the indulgence of one class of citizens that another enjoyed the exercise of their inherent natural right, for happily the Government of the United States, which gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance, requires only that they who live under its protection should demean themselves as good citizens in giving it on all occasions their effectual support”. George Washington, September 9,...

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I Sat in Lodge with You

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There is a saying filled with cheer, Which calls a man to fellowship. It means as much for him to hear As lies within the brother-grip. Nay, more! It opens wide the way To friendliness sincere and true; There are no strangers when you say To me: “I sat in lodge with you.” When that is said, then I am known; There is no questioning nor doubt; I need not walk my path alone Nor from my fellows be shut out. Those words hold all of brotherhood And help me face the world anew— There’s something deep and rich and good In this: “I sat n lodge with you.” Though in far lands one needs must roam, By sea and shore and hill and plain, Those words bring him a touch of home And lighten tasks that seem in vain. Men’s faces are no longer strange But seem as those he always knew When some one brings the joyous change With his: “I sat in lodge with you.” So you, my brother, now and then Have often put me in your debt By showing forth to other men That you your friends do not forget. When all the world seems grey and cold And I am weary, worn and blue, Then come this golden thought I hold— You said: “I sat in lodge with you.” When to the last great Lodge you fare My prayer is that I may be One of your friends who wait you there, Intent your smiling face to see. We, with the warder at the gate, Will have a pleasant task to do; We’ll call, though you come soon or late; “Come in! We sat in lodge with you!” Wilbur D....

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