Barcelona, Spain

Please note that this is not our home lodge but is a lodge that one of our brethen has visited. Our lodge is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  While travelling to Spain, I intended to visit a lodge in Barcelona. Having only a short time to prepare for that trip, I inquired from brethren on the Philalethese Society list if any of them was located in that city.
  One member informed me he was in Madrid but will try to establish a connection with the Grand Lodge of Espaņa located in Barcelona.
  I was then informed that I should just present myself at a specific address and they will take care of me.
  Well, I went to the address and after looking around for Masonic signs (which I couldn’t find), I approached the main door of this residential building to see if I could get in.
  On the doorbell pad, to my surprise, I noticed the ring for GL of Spain but also one for Kabbalah. I can’t say if they were related or just coincidental. However, after ringing, the doors were not open onto me. My visit to a lodge in Spain was stopped by a door. I tried to call also a phone number to no avail.
  Remembering that Spain was still a dictatorship until 1975, this is not surprising that the brethren in Spain still keep a heavy veil of secrecy and discretion. Maybe another time, maybe another day.

Submitted by:
Wor. Sebastien Taveau