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 The only end to the human problem is love. The only end to war is love. The only end to family discords and hates is love. The only solution to every uncertainty that plagues us today among nations and individuals, the only thing that can lead to honesty, integrity and honor in world affairs and in the development of our own characters, is that we shall learn how to love. In order that we may learn to love, we must learn to discover in everything around us that we are in the presence of an eternal love that is so great and so wise that there is no place in it for hate. We find understanding, courage, wisdom, insight by uniting our own small affection with that vast affection which is the infinite itself. We understand God only by love. In its highest expression, love means not that we will be happy, but that we shall give happiness; we must learn to love change, and then its pain is no more. We shall learn to love the comings and goings of things, because these are a part of life. In the springtime we must love the bursting forth of the twigs and branches and buds upon the trees; in summer we must learn to love the great fields of yellow grain; in autumn we must learn to love the changing of colors and the falling of the leaves; and in winter we must learn to love the snow and the bare branches which symbolize death. We must learn to find beauty in all these changes. We must find the love of God in that which God gives, and we must find the love of God in that which God taketh away. Beyond our small decisions and our little judgments, there is this infinite love that takes all things to itself. All things, in their proper time, return to the heart of God.

 Manly Palmer Hall

Submitted by: Brother John Logan Parsons III

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