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The Mystery Schools

  Three steps (degrees) lead up to the temple door, and all who wish to enter, whatever their race or their religion, must climb them. There is no other legitimate way of gaining wisdom. Those who seek to enter the temple of the Mysteries by any way other than the gate appointed by the Masters, the same are thieves and robbers. Man is willing to spend from ten to fifteen years on his material education in order that he may surpass his fellow man in some pursuit. Should he, then, expect to attain his spiritual wisdom in any shorter time? The position a person occupies in the Mystery Schools is not the result of choice, ballot or election; it is his life and the way that he lives it that is the determining factor in all his spiritual studies. He is automatically placed upon the path of wisdom according to his vices and virtues. The rapidity of his advancement depends wholly upon his own merits- the sincerity, integrity, and devotion which marks his daily life. He may remain many years in one grade or pass like a comet through many grades in a few years. This depends entirely on how sincerely and honestly he has labored and how completely he has mastered the temperaments and failings which hold him back.

Here are a series of suggestive rules for those who desire to become true students of wisdom.

1.) Learn to cast away from thee all vile affections and in constancy of mind let all thy dealings be free from deceit and hypocrisy.

2.) Keep thine own and thy neighbor’s secrets; court not the favors of the rich; despise not the poor, for he who does will be poorer than the poorest.

3.) Give to the needy and unfortunate what little thou canst spare; for he that has but little, whatever he spares to the miserable, god shall amply reward him.

4.) Be merciful to those who offend thee or who have injured thee; for what shall man’s heart be who would take heavy vengeance on slight offense?

5.) Be not hasty to condemn the actions of others, lest thou shouldst, the next hour, fall into the very same error; despise scandal and tattling; and let thy words be few.

6.) Study day and night and supplicate thy creator that he would be pleased to grant thee knowledge and understanding.

7.) covet not much gold, but learn to be satisfied with enough; for to desire more than enough is to offend the Deity.

Manly Palmer Hall

Submitted by: Brother John Logan Parsons III

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