The Masonic Mouse

A Day of Thanksgiving

We are travelling East, my Brother,
 Whenever, in gratefulness,
We think of the things that every day brings
Our lives and our homes to bless.
We are finding the Path, my Brother,
Though frugal may be our feast,
If the good that we knew is the good that we do-
Ah, then we are travelling East.

We are learning the Work, my Brother
Whenever, with kindly aim,
We lighten the care and our plenty we share
With the poor and the halt and lame.
We are speaking the Word, my Brother,
And finding our joys increased,
When we can bring cheer to replace a child’s tear-
Ah, then we are travelling East.

We are bringing the Light, my Brother,
Whenever we greet a friend,
Whenever we lift a poor soul gone adrift,
Or one in distress defend.
We are marking the Way, my Brother
When through us has sorrow ceased,
When something we’ve said to a lone heart has sped-
Ah, then we are traveling East.

We are travelling East, my Brother,
Whenever, in thankful mood,
We pause for a day to thing and to pray,
To set forth our gratitude.
The Word, the Work, my Brother,
Through ages have never ceased-
With the Word that is true and the Word we can do,
Ah, then we are travelling East.

Wilbur D. Nesbit

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