Masonic Philosophy

About the fraternity

Masonry is the world's first and largest fraternal organization, and is based on the belief

that each man has a responsibility to help make the world a better place. Through our

culture of philanthropy, we make a profounddifference for our brothers, our families, our

communities, and our future. The mission of the Masons of California, to foster personal

growth and improve the lives of others, is carried out through Masonic principles and

tradition. Our mission is guided by the enduring and relevant principles of our fraternity:

Brotherly love. We value respect, freedom, kindness, tolerance, and our differences -

religious, ethnic, cultural, social, generational, and educational - and strive for harmony in

our individual lives, in our

lodges, and in the global community.

Relief. We take responsibility for the well-being of our brothers, our families, and the

community as a whole. We provide relief through philanthropy, community involvement, and

delivery of excellent care.

Truth. We stay true to our personal code of conduct and ethics - honor, integrity, personal

responsibility, and the continuous pursuit of knowledge.

About our members

With more than 60,000 members, Masonry in our state represents the entire spectrum of

diversity. Masons believe in the importance of religion; men of all faiths are members of

the organization. Membership in California Masonry is growing and getting younger. The

fastest growing segment of our membership is 18-30 year olds. About 2,000 men are

initiated each year; their average age is 39. Masonry is a brotherhood of like-minded men

who genuinely care about each other. We develop lifelong friendships with fellow Masons

and their families, and are welcomed at Masonic lodges throughout the United States and

the world. The satisfaction of being part of a centuries-old fraternity whose traditions and

core values are relevant today, and will endure for centuries to come, is important to

California Masons.

What We Do

The Masons of California are committed to personal growth and making a profound difference in the

lives of others.

For members

We are committed to engaging and retaining members and their families through an enhanced,

sustaining, and relevant membership experience. Fellowship, family, and lifelong learning are important

to us. Leadership development and Masonic education are offered in a variety of formats to assist

members in their continuous pursuit of knowledge, helping them excel both inside and outside the


For California public education

As a fraternity, we have championed many great causes - but perhaps none so personal, or so

affecting, as that of public education. From helping to establish the nation’s first public school systems

to helping bring California’s public schools out of crisis in 1920, Masons have been on the forefront.

We continue to be leaders in statewide support of public schools in three critical areas: early literacy

skills for kindergarteners at high risk for educational failure; support for advancing instruction in middle

school algebra; and scholarships for deserving - but often overlooked - high school seniors who might

not otherwise have the ability to obtain a higher education. The Foundation and California Masons

support a number of other important education programs, including advancing nurse education and

programs benefiting underserved youth.

For those in need

Relief is one of our enduring and relevant values. We take responsibility for the well-being of our

brothers, our families, and our communities. It’s our obligation. Our philanthropic causes are

supported entirely by our members’ generous contributions. Excellent care and critical services are

provided for Masons and their wives and widows at our residential communities for seniors and

through our statewide outreach programs for members and their families who are struggling with life’s

challenges and transitions. The Masonic Center for Youth and Families answers the need for integrated

help for youth who struggle with behavioral or mental health issues. The center is an expansion of the

fraternity’s commitment to serve youth and families in a meaningful and innovative way. Center staff-

experts in the field of youth psychology- work as a team to provide testing, assessment, and

treatment planning services under one roof. A new approach, this comprehensive, integrated model of

care is unavailable anywhere else in the country.