From The East

Dear Brethren,

Your health, safety and well being are of paramount importance to our Lodge. We now live under a state of National Emergency and tremendous uncertainty. We will take no undue risk with your health and safety and that or your spouses and family. Accordingly, I am suspending all Lodge activities until further notice. I will reevaluate again on March 31. Until my further notice, there will be no Lodge meetings or gatherings, family dinners, Hall rentals, etc.

Under CMC and by communication from Most Worshipful John Trauner, we must hold Stated meeting. However, the meeting I do hold will have an abbreviated agenda of only reading minutes and reading and authorizing the payment of bills and with just 5 officers present. While it is your right it attend, I encourage you to play it safe and stay at home. Please try to understand the spirit of this request and support it by not attending our April Stated Meeting. Gain, the agenda will be only minutes and bills.

Furthermore, §807.000 of our code allows the WM to postpone a stated meeting for one week due to “non-weather related unsafe conditions.” Also on March 31, I will decide whether or not to postpone
our April Stated Meeting and will notify and update you.

To stay updated on the National and local situation, here are two websites:
from Grand Master John Trauner:
Download our Lodge APP – contact
Contact myself: +1 (650) 504-2300 cell
Contact our Senior Warden:

If you have concerns or questions or especially needs please reach out.

We Irish sometimes say “May God hold you in the palm of His hand. Join me, please, in prayers for each of our Lodge officers, Lodge members, their spouses, children, family members and loved ones. Pray for our Grand Lodge Officers in the same manner as they guide us statewide. And Pray for our animals who surely sense when our minds are troubled or our hearts heavy. If you cannot be at Stated Meeting, or as we all will miss conferrals, I suggest that we read our Book of Holy Writings, cook dinner for our spouse, help our children with home study, take our dog for an extra long walk, and maybe read our cypher. May God bless and protect each and every one of you and yours.

Travel in safety my Brothers

Fraternally yours,
Dennis Mahoney P.M.

From The West


As you read this, the Corona Virus is probably still keeping us all on our toes. In this stressful time, it is important to remember the society around us and our extended family, as
charity is the core of our craft.

As many philosophical texts are translated from Greek, the words charity and love are synonymous in Greek.

Doctor E. Scott Ryan in his book, The Theology of Crime and the Paradox of Freedom, observed, “the wonderful work of Masonic charities is synonymous with Masonic spirituality – when one considers how many fine charities there are and how few fine spiritualities there are. From the start, Freemasonry has taken the leadership in that ongoing quest for civility in a civil society. There can be little doubt that our success and survival rests upon the uniqueness of the combination of charity and spirituality that characterizes Freemasonry”.

One of Freemasonry’s greatest charitable accomplishments has been through the efforts of our members rather than through the contribution of our dollars, and those efforts have been stimulated through the teaching of Masonic ideals and the encouragement of Freemasons to participate. We fulfill our charitable commitments while fulfilling our professed philosophical purpose. We take good men and make them

So, Brethren, let us stay in touch with our family, friends and neighbors and offer help and support to those in need and if you are unable to help, perhaps another Brother is available. Our Lodge have a history of charitable work from the beginning. From the early days there are many examples that we relieved both members and non-affiliated brothers alike.

Though I have the gift of prophecy and understand all mysteries and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not charity, I am nothing.” (1 Corinth. xiii. 1, 2.)

Sincerely and Fraternally
Hjalmar Nilsen

From The South


We are already at the quarter point in 2020! And the world is in confusion! While all social action is dark because of the virus, (we do have a limited Stated Meeting), we should reflect on the past part of the year and look forward to how we might be able to make the rest better. I ask you to reflect on how we as a Lodge did in the past quarter and what we might want to improve in the next nine months:

  • What is really important to us?
  • Has this crisis changed us on any way?
  • Do we need to change any of the customs and traditions of our Lodge?
  • Do you feel you have an opportunity to contribute to our Lodge in a meaningful way?
  • Is our communications effective and adequate?

If you want to answer any of these questions or any other you
may have, please feel free to talk, text or email me. There is always room

Sincerely and fraternally,
Joe Lucchesi