What of your Masonry? Is it put by,
Doffed with your apron, forgotten, to lie
Dormant and void, inefficient and vain,
‘Til in the lodge you resume it again?

Listen, my brother, true Masonry dwells
Out in the world, not in dungeons and cells;
It feeds the hungry, defends the oppressed,
Lifts those that languish, and soothes the distressed.

Masonry’s place is in shop, street and store,
Fully as much as behind the tiled door.
‘Tis not a thing to be hidden away,
It should be worn, used and lived day by day.

Worthy is study and labor to gain
Ritual skill, and perfection attain,
Yet this is only the means to an end,
Useful alone for the aid it can lend.

What of the lessons by Masonry taught?
Have you their practical principles, caught?
Live by them, grow by them, build by them, too.
Let them your thought and your actions imbue.

George H. Free