From The East


Here is an “oldie but goodie”, since it works so well for this time of year: We are already at the midway point in 2019! Time does fly when you’re having fun!

At this time, it might be nice to reflect on the past half of the year and look forward to how we might be able to make the next half better. In the past, I have related the
idea of “Midya” (“Mid-Year”) and it falls on July 2nd this year, when there are 182 days before and 182 days after that date. It would be good to reflect on how the past
six months were and what you might want to think about for the next six months:

• How is your ATTITUDE heading into the second half of the year?
• What was your greatest SUCCESS in the first six months of the year?
• What was your greatest CHALLENGE in the first six months of the year?
• What is your greatest NEED as you enter the final six months of the year?

What do you need to KEEP doing, START doing, and STOP doing in the next six months to reach your goal(s)? These may be good questions for you to share with loved ones, or just yourself.

These questions can be applied to any situation that might require reflection. Answering these questions and remembering your answers for the next time you reflect on these questions, you might find that you will have improved some aspects of your life.

Happy Midya Brethren and I hope your next six months are even better than your last.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

David Patterson, PM
Peninsula Masonic Lodge #168

From The West

To all Brethren and our Masonic Family,

May you and your loved ones enjoy a memorable July 4th Holiday. We are blessed to be Americans. July 4th is an important day to celebrate our gratitude for our freedoms and the great history of our nation – a history in which Masons played such a creative and enabling role. We are the forefathers of the United States of America. Whether it be barbeques, block parties, parades or fireworks, may you reflect and celebrate.

Last night we had the privilege of passing Brother Suhas Joshi to the degree of Fellow Craft Mason. We are grateful to our sideliners who so faithfully participated and to our excellent and dedicated degree team and our extraordinary Officers’ Coach Worshipful Jim Ritter. Brother Joshi was moved by his degree, and smiling broadly at the end of the evening. We have more conferrals planned – please watch out Lodge calendar and join us if you can.

We will be dark in July, with the exception of our Stated Meeting and its Stag Dinner on Tuesday July 2. Dress will be Hawaiian or Polo shirt.

See you then!

Dennis Mahoney PM

From The South


The month of July, is named after Julius Caesar, a Roman general, statesman, and historian who conquered Gaul (what is now part of Italy, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands) as well as England, changed the structure of the Roman government into a dictatorship, was assassinated in legendary fashion, and most importantly for our purposes, helped make the calendar what it is today.

When Julius Caesar died, Quintilis, which was his birth month, was renamed – July (for Julius). Quintilis means “fifth month” in Latin, which represents where this month originally fell in the Roman calendar.

Caesar is responsible for the year as we know it having 365 days, and for the existence of a leap year every four years. Our contemporary calendar is still pretty much the same as Caesar instituted more than 2000 years ago.

There are many countries which celebrate their Independence Day during the month of July. These include, in addition to the United States, Belarus, Venezuela, Argentina, Belgium, the Bahamas, and the Maldives. The National Days for France and Canada occur in July as well.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Hjalmar Nilsen