Be faithful to your country, and prefer its dignity and honour to any degree of popularity and honour for yourself onsulting its interest rather than your own, and rather than the pleasure and gratification of the people, which are often at variance with their welfare. The true Mason identifies the honour of his country with his own.

Nothing more conduces to the beauty and glory of one’s country than the preservation against all enemies of its civil and religious liberty. The world will never willingly let die the names of those patriots who in her different ages have received upon their own breasts the blows aimed by insolent enemies at the bosom of their country.

But it also conduces, and in no small measure, to the beauty and glory one’s country, that justice should be always administered there to all alike, and neither denied, sold, or delayed to any one.

And he who labours, often against reproach and obloquy, and oftener against indifference and apathy, to bring about that fortunate condition of things when that great code of divine law should be everywhere and punctually obeyed, is no less a patriot than he who bares his bosom to the hostile steel in the ranks of his country’s soldiery.

For Fortitude is no only seen resplendent on the field of battle and amid the clash of arms, but he displays its energy under every diffi culty and against every assailant. He who wars against cruelty, oppression, and hoary abuses, fights for his country’s honour, which these things soil; and her honour is as important as her existence. Often, indeed, the warfare against those abuses which disgrace one’s county is quite as hazardous and more discouraging than that against her enemies in the field; and merits equal, of not greater reward.

Defend weakness against strength, the friendless against the great, the oppressed against the Oppressor! Be ever vigilant and watchful of the interests and honour of your country! And may the Grand Architect of the Universe give you that strength and wisdom which shall enable you well and faithfully to perform these high duties!

Albert Pike