Let us be true;.—each Working Tool The Master places in our care Imparts a stern but wholesome rule, To all who work and journey here; The Architect Divine has used The Plumb, the Level and the Square.

Let us be wise; the Level, see! How certain is the doom of man! So humble should Freemasons be Who work within this narrow span; No room for pride and vanity— Let wisdom rule our every plan.

Let us be just; behold the Square! Its pattern deviates no part From that which, in the Master’s care Tries all the angles of the heart. O sacred implements divine,— Blest emblem of Masonic art!

Let us be true; the unerring Plumb, Dropped from the unseen Master’s hand Rich-fraught with truthfulness has come, To bid us rightly walk and stand; That the All-seeing Eye Of God May bless us from the heavenly land.

Dear friend, who generous heart I know Whose virtues shine so far abroad— Long may you linger here below, To share what friendship may afford! Long may the Level, Plumb and Square Speak forth by you the works of God.