From The East



I want to talk to you in this issue about Integrity. I use a capital I for integrity to emphasize how important it is to the lodge.

In the 70s I attended, and later assisted, in many ways in personal development seminars. The emphasis was not only on personal integrity but also about doing things impeccably. Now I believe we as Masons do stress personal integrity. It is time now to stress the impeccability aspect of what we do.

Impeccability, in the physical sense, means that we strive for perfection in what we do including how we set up the lodge room and how we do our degrees. The purpose of this is so no one has attention on what is out of place and thus can keep his attention on the ceremony.

So with that, I challenge each one of you to join me is striving to be impeccable in all we do in our lodge life and in our personal life as well.

How about you? Will you take the challenge?

Sincerely and fraternally,
Joe Lucchesi

From The West


The month of March brings with it our first day of Spring, (or, in more scientific terms, the Vernal Equinox)! At this time, many people try to balance an egg on its end, due to some “mysterious” forces. Actually, those forces are around us every single day, (you should be able to balance an egg on end throughout the year). It is a belief that the Chinese started this tradition, symbolically signaling a rebirth of the longer, brighter days after many shorter, darker days. However, at this time, the Earth is midway between its perigee (closest point to the Sun) and its apogee (furthest point from the Sun). This is why the day and the night are equal at this time. It also follows that there are two of these each year, one in the Spring, and one in the Fall.

To Masons, we can view this day as a kind of balancing day, where we can reflect on how we have kept our Masonic tenets, such as Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth. It is important that we always keep these Tenets within our hearts, especially in this troubled world, where we are constantly hearing about issues that no one seems to care (or report) about. We are reminded that, over time, unchecked power and ignorance of history can lead to the devastations of war, which can wreak untold horrors upon us all. Luckily, the tenets of Freemasonry have been able to be communicated down throughout the ages, so that we may learn and know its beauties. I would hope that we, as a Fraternity could spread our message of Brotherhood beyond our Lodges’ walls and help put a stop to wars that are now occurring all over the world.

I think that we, as a Fraternity, should endeavor to be more active in our support of non-violence and peaceful means to end conflicts around the world. We can do a small part by writing to our Congressional representatives, stating that we want a peaceful end to these conflicts, so that we can truly attain “peace and harmony” in every heart. After all, shouldn’t Masonry really unite men of every country, sect, and opinion, and cause true friendship to exist among those who might otherwise have remained at a perpetual distance”?

We should also remember that we can help others to “circumscribe [our] desires and keep our passions within due bounds toward all Mankind”.

Fraternally yours,
David M Patterson, PM
Senior Warden,
Peninsula Masonic Lodge #168

From The South


Hello from the South,

Chef Mario of Sole Ristorante provided our wonderful February Valentine’s day meal. Thank you to all whom attended. Up next is our Youth Month dinner of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. This dinner will be made by our own Worshipful Greene and Brother Nilsen and served by our Redwood City Rainbow Girls. We look forward to seeing you there.

Shan Zhou

Puzzle of the month
Last month’s solution:
Solution: 10 prisoners must sample the wine

What would you do?
On a windy rainy night, I was driving in my car.
When i reach the bus stand, I see three people waiting for the bus.
1. An old lady who needs an immediate medical attention
2. My Best Friend
3. Girl whom I love from childhood

My car is a two seater, so can you tell me, what did I do?