Masonic charity is not limited to simple gifts and contributions of
money or other tangible material of worldly goods, although these,
when necessary, are right and proper, and are included within the
term of charity….True charity extends to all the wants of the great
brotherhood of man. Have the cold and pitiless storms of a selfish
unfeeling world beat upon the heart, charity throws around it her
broad mantle of brotherly love and affection, which warms and infuses
into its whole being new life and animation, and as the genial
showers and summer sun cause the face of nature to smile and look
glad, so the drops of genial affection and the rays of brotherly love,
beaming from its benign countenance of one whose heart is prompted
by the honest impulses of genuine charity, cause the soul of the
recipient thereof to overflow with gratitude and joy…The true Mason
is continually seeking opportunities for the exercise of those virtues—the
principles of Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth—of Faith,
Hope and Charity….He knows his duties, and knowing seeks to reduce
them to practice; for with him Masonry is a living reality and
not theory alone. It is the practice of those virtues that he delights
for he has learned that in doing good there is much joy. Is a brother
afflicted and distressed, his hand is ever ready to aid and assist him,
and to relieve his wants and necessities. The blessed influences of
brotherly love and charity—twin daughters of Heaven—prompt him
to those noble deeds of benevolence which give joy and gladness to
many a weary, sad and sorrowing heart.….This is the charity which
envieth not another and which puffeth not itself, which is kind and
forbearing, full of long-suffering, and goodness and truth.

J. Q. Goss