From The East


As we enter the new year we now face the task
of making good on all of those resolutions that
were such a good idea when we made them. I
have made some Masonic resolutions as well.

I resolve to make this year one of care, participation and fun: Care for
our brothers who are ill or infirmed, Participation by all in our rituals
and events and Fun for all. In the process we will restore some traditions,
delete ones that no longer work and establish some new ones.

This is an exciting time. I elicit your ideas and look forward to hearing
from you and your loved ones on what you want to happen, especially
to make more fun for you.

Sincerely and fraternally,
Joe Lucchesi

From The West


Can you believe it is already 2018? Time to remember to
write that on your checks and letters, (if you still use them,
of course)! Another year has come and gone so quickly! I
sincerely hope that your 2017 year has been a good one for
you and yours and I hope that your next year will bring
many new and wondrous experiences!

Again, I wish to thank all of the Brethren for their confidence in me by selecting me
to serve as your Master for the past two years, and once again in 2018 as your Senior
Warden. As always, I hope that I can improve myself over the last year and ensure a
great Masonic year next year, as well!

Please join with me in congratulating Wor. Joseph Lucchesi as Worshipful Master
for 2018! You will, no doubt, be in good hands! I know that he has many great
things planned for us next year. I also want to congratulate Worshipful Shan Zhou,
PM as he returns to our line as Junior Warden for 2018, as well! I think this is the
first year in a long time that we’ve actually had a full line of officers, so to all of you,
congratulations are in order, too!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a bright and prosperous New

Fraternally yours,
David M Patterson, PM
Senior Warden,
Peninsula Masonic Lodge #168

From The South