No truth, for such is the nature of truth itself, can be any man’s private
property, or be owned or monopolized by anybody; it is in its
own essence something free, something which any man can have
who desire to have it…Truth is one of the three Principal Tenets of
Freemasonry…There are many truths in Freemasonry, some of
them were first discovered and stated by Freemasons, but not one
of them is the exclusive property of Freemasonry, because no
truth can be anybody’s private property; and the mere fact that a
truth is found in Freemasonry cannot mean that it differs from the
same truth when found outside it; and if a truth is found outside
Freemasonry, in any religion, in any science, in any country, Freemasons
know themselves to be as free to know and to use it as they
may desire to. Then Truth is one of the Principal Tenets is not a
philosophic idea, or a scientific idea, but is an ethical idea, and this
idea means that any righteous man will never try to make any truth
is own property or the property of his own fraternity, or church, or
party, will never lay hands on any truth to distort it or to misrepresent
it to gain something for himself or his party, and will never try
to prevent any other man from having any truth. This is what a
righteous man does about truth; he will keep it wholly free, he will
never do violence to it, he will never misrepresent it, and he will
never try to keep any other man from having it.

H. L. Haywood