From The East


The month of June sees the start of Summer (hopefully, we’ll have some warm weather this year!). It also sees each one of us taking a step back to see how each of us are doing during the year. What have we accomplished? What do we still need to do? How can we help others? As Masons, these should be questions that are on our minds a lot, so that we can ensure others’ lives are better. As June is Masonic Homes Month, please take some time out of your schedule, if you can, to visit some of our brethren at the Masonic Home in Union City. It is a beautiful building and you will meet many old and new friends while you’re there!

In June, (as in past months), we always have our Family Dinner on the second Tuesday of the month. For June’s Family Dinner, Worshipful Brother Camper will give a presentation on the Masonic
Home and Outreach. Also, It is highly important for you to RSVP, so that Wor. Fisher has enough advance notice to have the meal prepared for you. Previously, many people who have RSVP’ed have not shown up, which has been a financial burden to our Lodge, of late (remember that the cost of these meals can be quite high, depending on the resources used during that month; we want to provide great delicious food for you!). The cost of $20 per person is quite good, considering the great quality of the food (and the company, too)!

As always, please let me know if you have any suggestions to improve our Lodge and activities, in general!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
David M Patterson
Master, Peninsula Masonic Lodge #168

From The West


The project Oleksii Churiko of the Shrine and I have picked is to establish an education delving into the esoterica of Masonry in order to understand Masonry better. We meet monthly. If you are interested in participating please let me know. If you want to learn more about Masonry no matter how long you have been a Mason there is also the Candidate Learning Center. It is an online education tool that helps candidates earn their degrees through:

  1. Inspiring videos showing brothers living the craft and sharing how their lives are enriched by Masonry,
  2. Challenging games teach important facts about the history of Masonry,
  3. Historic articles, photos, and other archives give context to the lessons, and
  4. Journaling exercises to help you think deeply about each lesson. With the Candidate Learning Center, candidates achieve a thoughtful, deep understanding of degree lessons, and how to apply them. It’s a convenient way to study – and coach.

Getting Started is Easy! There are courses for all three degrees. Each course is free with a password from Wor Jim Camper.

If you want more information please see me.

Sincerely and fraternally,

Joe Lucchesi

From The South


June is the month for vacations, hope you all have a nice trip. It is also the month summer starts. Stay healthy and be safe.

We will have our stated meeting on the 6th, Tuesday night. The dinner starts at 6:30 with the meeting at 7:30. I Hope I see you there. On the 13th we have our family dinner. Make
reservation with Bill Fischer PH 349-6922.

Congratulations to all who are graduating this month. In July we are dark except for the stated meeting.

Junior Warden
William Fischer