That Masons are builders can be seen by the name…By teaching men the doctrines of temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice, together with the man lessons drawn from, and daily application to the activities of life, deep foundations are laid upon which loftiest character must stand. When brotherly love, relief and truth really enter into the fibre of a man’s being, there is little room for the selfish and the debased. His instincts and his aspirations are toward the uplift that comes from a joyful service to mankind. That I AM MY BROTHER’S KEEPER

is demonstrated in every avenue of life whether I am ready to concede it or not…Service and sacrifice are the crucible in which the base metals of greed, avarice, and selfishness are left as the dross of life. If thy brother would have thee go with him one mile, that is thy duty. When to this is added gladly, a second mile, that is a blessed privilege. Masonry puts into a man’s breast THE SWEET SERVICE OF THE SECOND MILE

Masonry’s mission, therefore, to the individual is to up lift his character and establish a nobler manhood.