In our youth groups, they talk about a “30 second elevator speech”. They have developed one and I think we, as Freemasons, need one too. This one comes from Brother Keith Herman, a New Jersey Mason:

“Due to the proliferation of the use of social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, LinekdIn, etc., elevator speeches can no longer last 30 seconds and you need to define what you do in two words. 

These two words lead to a further conversation as they say enough to define your objective and at the same time intrigue the listener to follow up through inquiry or conversation. Upon reflection on the ‘two word elevator speech’ the phrase which works for me is
‘Enlightened Fellowship”.

Now when I am asked ‘What is Masonry?’, ‘What does Masonry mean to you?’ or ‘What can you tell me about Masonry?’ I can answer that Masonry is Enlightened Fellowship. The usual response is ‘can you tell me more?’ At this point, I can expand that masons consist of men who through common experience, inquiry, personal growth and acquired knowledge come to know one another, become friends and share personal bonds, which will last throughout their lifetime.”

This sounds like a pretty good one. Anyone care to create one of their own? Let me know what it is, submit it to me in a word document and I will print it in this missive.


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