Blind condemnation is as superstitious as blind acceptance. We would humbly remind the scientist that astrology, for example, has not been scientifically disproved. We can find no record of any scientific body examining and analyzing the premises of the starry science. On the other hand, we have plentiful evidence of so-called learned men who, scarcely knowing one astronomical symbol from another, are so ‘’unscientific’’ as to base their judgment not upon examination and observation but upon the bigotry of their colleagues. Incidentally, there is no man alive actually qualified to disprove the existence of God, and yet the more materialistic in the realms of science depart so far from the trestle board of their craft that they begrudge Deity the meager benefit of the doubt! The presence of supreme intelligence directing creation may not be demonstrable to the physical sense perceptions or to a mind firmly grounded in mechanistic theory. Yet it is not a scientific ‘’fact’’ that God does not exist, nor is it a scientific ‘’fact’’ that cabalism is a superstition, nor is it a scientific ‘’fact’’ that alchemists were mad, nor is it a scientific ‘’fact’’ that the ancients suffered from a common benightedness, nor is it a scientific ‘’fact’’ that miracles are frauds. These are opinions held by certain groups, but while opinions may be very intriguing to those who chance to hold them, they demonstrate nothing; they neither prove nor disprove anything, and for the most part clutter up the field of learning. Opinion is the antipode of wisdom, and the fewer the opinions the greater the likelihood of intelligence. Mysticism is not a vagary to amuse superannuated midwives. It is a distinct department of learning which, if given proper consideration and opportunity, could make a definite contribution to world normalcy and well-being.

Manly Palmer Hall

Submitted by: Brother John Logan Parsons III