As we observe the officers, how well they fill their stations;

We should remember, but for Masonry we would have no nation.

From a blue Lodge in Virginia, where Washington was brought to light;Seven revolutionary Generals, Bravely went forth to fight.

It was from there that John Paul Jones, in the very same manner,
Received his Masonic degrees, then raised the Colonial banner.

He took his little fighting ship only a small windjammer;
He bearded the lion in his den, caused the lords to stew and stammer.

He raked their ships with shot and shell, in a very hostile manner,
As the sun was setting in the west, the British dipped their banner.

The night before a battle, Washington’s soldiers hungry, barefoot, cold;
The camp was full of traitors, offering British gold.

In such a desperate situation, Washington had never been before;
But he remembered the words of the Master, in Fredericksburg lodge Number 4.

He put on his hat and top coat and went out beneath a tree;
He prayed to the Grand Architect of Heaven, for further light in Masonry.

Then slowly walked back to the camp, tomorrow would be the fight;
He issued his famous order, Only Masons on guard tonight.

History records it differently, it says only Americans on guard tonight;
But Washington knew all Americans had not been brought to light.

He scouted his camp for soldiers, who had worn the apron white,
Who had stood in the Northeast corner, and at Masonry’s altar had received the light.

When the guard was finally mounted, Washington knew one thing at least,
His camp was securely guarded, and he could rest in peace.

By John T. Jordan

Submitted by Bro. John Logan Parsons, III