‘Tis Masonry unites mankind,
To gen’rous actions, form the Soul;
In friendly Converse all conjoined,
One Spirit animates the whole.

Where’er aspiring Domes arise,
Wherever sacred Altars stand;
These Altars blaze into the skies,
The Domes proclaim the Mason’s Hand.

As passions rough the Soul disguise,
Till Science cultivates the Mind;
So the rude Stone unshapen lies,
Till by the Mason’s art refin’d.

Tho’ still our chief Concern and Care
Be to deserve the Brother’s Name;
Yet ever mindful of the Fair,
Their kindest Influence we claim.

Let wretches at our Manhood rail;
But they who once our Order prove,
Will own that we who build so well,
With equal energy can love.