Our ancient brethren used their tools
With confidence and skill;
Though centuries have passed away,
Their works are standing still;
With admiration and with awe,
Our hearts and souls they thrill.

They called in Wisdom to conceive
And execute the plan;
Then Strength to make the structure sure
When first the work began;
Then Beauty to adorn and make
A monument to man:

So we, who build in later days,
Still use the self-same tools,
Still follow through the Master-Plan,
Still use the self-same rules,
Still work with diligence and skill,
As did the Ancient Schools;

Would use the Plumb for rectitude
As day by day goes by,
The Level to remind us all
That we must lowly be,
That right and true our work may prove
When we the Square apply;

No longer work with wood and stone,
But rather, with the mind
We would erect a dwelling-place
Wherein our souls may find
A quiet and a holy rest
At peace with all mankind;

And so, as we continually build
These dwellings for the soul,
Would work with Wisdom and with Strength,
Perchance to reach the goal;
Then crown our work with Beauty rare
To make the perfect whole.

Montford C. Holley