No golden medallion or sparkling gem rare
Is this purest of “badges” for brother to wear,
It never will tarnish but will stay clean and white
If each Entered Apprentice just upholds what is right.

With this symbol of honor and qualities good
Comes the loyal protection of Lodge Brotherhood,
And a white lambskin apron each surely may wear
If his morals are pure and his actions are fair.

Though our ancient ancestors belonged to a Guild
And used square and compass cathedrals to build,
Each man wore an apron of sturdiest leather,
All men operative and working together.

Their skill and sure mastery of “trying the square”
Build Gothic cathedrals, towering high in the air,
Yet the building of masons, those traveling free
Had greater perfection and true majesty.

Aprons meant service and noblest of goals,
Builders working in stone, their ascendants in souls,
And the white lambskin apron is symbolic in part
Of the spiritual search in the depth of man’s heart.

Mrs. Margaret Archibald
(wife of the late Bro. John Archibald of Bordentown, N.J.)