If you borrow from a banker,
All your goods you must declare,
He will ask you questions,
Are you honest, truthful and square?

If you buy goods from a merchant,
And defer some payments there,
He will want your strongest promise,
That you’re honest, truthful and square.

If you bargain with a farmer,
For his crops, grown on the share
He will give you a commission,
If you are honest, truthful and square.

All men trust you, use you, aid you,
If your dealings are all fair,
They will help you through trouble,
When you’re honest, truthful and square.

When that old Reaper harvests,
While the scythe swings here and
There, he will never stop to ask you,
Are you level, plumb and square?

But the Judge up there will ask you,
When you have climbed the Golden Stair,
As you face him in the Court Room,
“Where you level, plumb and square?”

Only those can be of service,
In that bright light’s glare,
Only those can help the Master,
Who are Level Plumb and Square.