By Franklin W. Lee

Here’s a toast to the Lambskin, more ancient by far
Than the fleece of pure gold or the eagles of war;
‘Tis an emblem of innocence, nobler to wear
Than the Garter of England or order as rare.

Let the king wear the purple and point to his crown
Which may fall from his brow when his throne tumbles down;
But the badge of a Mason has much more to give
Than a kingdom so frail that it cannot long live.

Let the field-marshal boast of the men he can guide.
Of the infantry columns and the heroes that ride;
But the White Leather Apron his standard outranks,
Since it waves from the East to the Death River banks.
‘Tis the shield of the orphan, the hostage of love;
‘Tis the charter of Faith in the Grand Lodge above;
While the high and the low, in its whiteness arrayed,
Of one blood and one kin by its magic are made.

Kingdoms fall to earth; cities crumble to dust;
Men are born to die; swards are made but rust;
But the White Leather Apron, through ages ;assed on.
Has survived with the Lodge of Holy St. John.

So a toast to the Lambskin, which levels, uplifts-
To the White Leather Apron, most priceless of gifts,
‘Tis the badge of a Mason, more ancient by far
Than the fleece of pure gold or the eagles of war.

[First appeared in the Trestleboard of Friendship Masonic Center and re-printed in the Oregon Masonic Magazine]
Re-printed from the Southern California Research Lodge F. & A.M.