The tools of a true Master Mason—
A man who has proven his skill—
Are any or all as he chooses,
His tasks to correctly fulfil,
Foremost of these is the Trowel,
Which practical builders all class
As the tool for the spreading of mortar
Uniting the house in one mass.

But we as Freemasons would use it
For purpose more noble and grand,
As Craftsmen have faithfully taught us,
As Masonry’s rituals command,
To spread the cement of affection,
Devotion and brotherly love,
To bring peace, good will and contentment
On earth as in Heaven above.

Yea; that’s the cement that unites us
In one sacred union of friends—
Brothers ‘mongst whom no contention,
Nor discord nor diff’rence portends,
Except that most noble contention
By Masons Accepted and Free;
Or rather that fine emulation
Of who can best work and agree.

Michael N. Salmore