The lodge is a place for a person who —
Seeks fellowship amongst people of high ideals
Seeks refuge from the sins and excesses of life within an
environment of contemplation, reflection and meditation
Seeks to better understand himself
Seeks to better understand humanity
Contemplates the existence of a supreme being
Contemplates the nature and character of the supreme being
Seeks to better understand his relationship with the supreme being
Seeks a transformative experience
Is interested in exploring the mysteries and secrets of nature
Is interested in exploring the mysteries and secrets of science
Is interested in esoteric study
Wants to preserve history
Likes to solve puzzles
Seeks truth
Seeks to understand truth
Enjoys philosophical discussion
Enjoys spiritual discussion
Has a deep appreciation for symbolism
Wants to improve his intellectual capacity
Wants to become a more well rounded individual
Wants to learn how to better understand his fellow human beings
Wants to learn how to better appreciate his fellow human beings
Wants to learn how to effectively communicate with his fellow human beings
Is dedicated to improving the quality of life of his fellow human beings
Freemasonry is an organization that:
– promotes freedom of thought
– promotes freedom of expression
– promotes freedom of mobility
– promotes freedom of choice
– promotes universal brotherhood and humanity
– promotes moral and ethical conduct in both public and
private affairs
– promotes diversity
– promotes acceptance, not merely tolerance of others
– is concerned with the spiritual and intellectual advancement
of humanity
– promotes the equality of all races
– promotes the equality of all religious and spiritual paths
– promotes equality amongst all human beings
– preserves the initiatic traditions of humanity
– preserves a common body of esoteric knowledge
– provides moral support and encouragement to its members
and their noble endeavors in life
– provides a framework of enlightenment

Bro. John Daniele, Secretary
A.F. & A.M. No. 305 G.R.C.
Humber Lodge