I am one of a band,
Who will faithfully stand,
In the bond of affection and love;
I have knocked at the door,
One wretched and poor,
And there for admission I stood.

By the help of a friend,
Who assistance did lend,
I succeeded an entrance to gain;
Was received in the West,
By command from the East,
But not without feeling some pain.

Here my conscience was taught,
With a moral quite fraught,
With sentiments bold and true;
The onward I traveled,
To have it unraveled,
What Hiram intended to do.

Very soon to the East,
I made my request,
And “light” by command did attend;
When lo! I perceived,
In due form revealed,
A Master, and Brother, and Friend.

For the widow distressed,
There’s a cord in my breast,
For the helpless and orphan I feel:
And my sword I could draw,
To maintain the pure law,
Which the duties of a Mason reveal.

Thus have I revealed,
(Yet wisely concealed),
What the “free and accepted” will know.
I am one of a band,
Who will faithfully stand,
As a Brother, wherever I go.

Bro. Reverend Dr. Magill, Rector of St. Paul’s Church—Peru, Ill (1800’s)