It amuses me, now, to think that your organizations spend so much time looking for new members, when I was there all the time.

I’m the fellow who came to every meeting but nobody paid any attention to me. I tried several times to be friendly, but everyone seemed to have his own friend to talk to and to sit with. I sat down several times, but they didn’t pay much attention to me.

I hoped that someone would ask me to join one of the committees, to
somehow participate and contribute, but no one did.

Finally, because of an illness, I missed a meeting. The next month no one asked me where I had been. I guess it didn’t matter very much whether I was there or not. On the next meeting date, I decided to stay home and watch a good television program. When I attended the next meeting, no one asked me where I was the month before.
You might say that I’m a good guy, a good family man, that I hold a responsible job and love my community.
You know who else I am?