End of Summer and Back to School Night
September 11, 2018 6:30 P.M. – Chantler Hall
This will be an indoor picnic with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and other picnic foods. This should be a fun night and a good way to end the summer and kids back to school. The cost of this dinner is only $20.00 per person. Reservations are mandatory to Wor. Shan Zhou at (650) 438-6819 or e-mail: sz9009@gmail.com by September 7, 2018.

October 9, 2018 6:30 P.M.  – Chantler Hall
This is a DeMolay Fund Raiser and a very popular night. Come out and support one of our youth groups. The cost of this dinner is only $20.00 per person. So, get your mandatory reservations in ASAP to Wor. Jim Camper either by phone (650) 568-4343 or via-email jcamperjr@gmail.com by October 5, 2015.

Happening this Month – September 2018

September 4, 2018 7:30 P.M. Stated Meeting
September 11, 2018 6:30 P.M. Family Dinner—End of summer and back to School night
September 15, 2018 9:00 A.M. Outdoor Third Degree on Bro. Corey Woodhams & possible candidate from San Mateo 226
September 18, 2018 6:30 P.M. DSI 168
September 25, 2018 7:30 P.M. First Degree Practice

San Carlos Hall Rental

Looking for a venue for a large group dinner, business retreat or club meeting? The dining hall at Peninsula Lodge can accommodate up to 100 diners or workshop participants.
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We Make Good Men Better – Ask One To Be One

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About Freemasonry

Masonry is the world’s first and largest fraternal organization, and is based on the belief that each man has a responsibility to help make the world a better place. Through our culture of philanthropy, we make a profound difference for our brothers, our families, our communities, and our future. read more

Who Are Masons?
History of Freemasonry
Facts About Masons

Becoming a Mason

One of Masonry’s customs is not to solicit members; men must seek membership on their own through a Mason they know or a local lodge.

California Masonic membership is open to men age 18 or older who meet the qualifications and standards of character and intention, and who believe in a Supreme Being. Men of all ethnic and religious backgrounds are welcome…Learn More

Always a Mason

Let no king quite put off his crown: I still would have him kingly when In some old inn the king sat down To banquet with his serving-men. I love a mild and merry priest, Whom Brother roast, and neighbours prod; Yet I would have him, at the feast,...
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From the East


I hope you had a good vacation from the Lodge and that you enjoyed your vacation from its duties. We will resume in August with a China Night Family Dinner on August 21st. I encourage you to attend. Please do not allow complacency to dictate your actions. Come out and support your Lodge…

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From the West


Next year, July 20, 2019, will mark 50 years since our esteemed Brother Eugene “Buzz” Aldrin walked on the oon.

Back in 1969, I can remember my friends and I laying on our lawn and looking up at the moon, thinking (and knowing!) that there were actually people up there, furthering Man’s knowledge! While growing up, the Space Program…

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From the South

Hello from the South,

It’s August! I hope everyone is having an enjoyable and safe summer. Recently, we took a family trip to Japan and boy was it hot and humid. One thing that struck out was on our way to Tokyo Tower, there is a large Masonic Center a few blocks away.

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